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6 Ways to Persuade Your Audience to Buy

Buy NowWhen appearing on radio or television, it’s vital that you maximize the opportunity to connect with your target market. The following are six ways to engage your audience in a meaningful way:

  1. Quote from something you’ve written. Give the audience a taste of your product or service. Think of it as an auditory sample that your potential clients can take home.
  2. Repeat the name of your book, business, product, or cause. Weave the name into the conversation at least three times, so it sounds natural and necessary in the discussion.
  3. Lead the discussion. When introduced, don’t just say “thank-you” or “good morning.” Instead, lead with a sentence that will spark discussion. The host will likely use your comment to get the conversation percolating.
  4. Leave them hanging. Right after the host says there will be a commercial break, take five seconds to introduce your next topic. For example, “When we return, I’ll tell your audience the biggest mistake to avoid.”
  5. Establish urgency. Talk about a limited-time offer. Or convey to the audience members just what they are losing out on by not having your product or service or joining your cause. Practice establishing urgency until your message sounds natural.
  6. End with a call to action or reaction. Which are you trying to elicit?

Kent Boehm
Business & Leadership Coach
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