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Calgary Business Owners, is your business keeping up with your online customer service?

Professional working womanThe ever-increasing mobile and technical world that we live in have created an urgency for quick response times and on-demand service. Traditional methods of interacting with customers have taken a shift especially as more millennials enter the marketplace. So how can your business stay up to par with the increased demand? It takes a collaborative effort from all team members and management to keep all customer service details flowing smoothly and consistently.

Setup automated services to ensure that if someone is contacting you after hours they will be answered as soon as possible and let them know when you will be available to cater to them. Do you have a self-service option that you can point them to while they are waiting? It is possible that they may be able to answer the questions themselves.

Self-service options that allow customers to answer their own questions saves them time from contacting support and solves the urgency. Empowering them to solve a problem makes them a happier customer and saves workload. For example, an FAQ page or customer forums are a great way to get insight and of course quality website content. Keep a close eye on any forums or comments to ensure that if a customer’s needs were not met through that direction that they are then followed up with.

Do you have someone monitoring your social media accounts? As phone calls dwindle and more questions come in through message or comment on your social platforms a quick response time is crucial. By responding in an appropriate time, it shows that you are actively engaging and present to help. Facebook pages actually list the expected response time in a percentage based on your previous replies to inquiries, so it is important that the number stays high. Staying consistent amongst all social platforms with your engagement and response time shows your availability to help the client and keeps them from moving onto your competitors’ website.

Have you analyzed your customer experience lately?

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