Customer Service

Create an Excellent Customer Interaction Experience

Customer Interactions are one of the most crucial components of the customer service experience. Overall customer service skills are crucial for any team; however, excellent customer interactions can set your business apart from the competition. To stay competitive in this city a Calgary company must continually work to keep a strong customer base and here are just a few key factors in maintaining that strength:

Customer Service

Find a Common Ground with Your Customers

If your employees or sales reps have a common interest or experience with your customers it makes the experience much more enjoyable for them. It also gives them comfort in knowing that your business cares about their needs. After all who doesn’t feel better when someone can relate to your needs or the situation that you are in? Start with getting to know your customers, record the information and collaborate on how you can integrate this information into daily conversations with your customers.

Admit Mistakes and Resolve

Admitting to mistakes before the customer notices may seem bizarre, but it actually allows you to take control of the situation and resolve the issue.  If the customer finds a mistake, ensure that you listen to them and resolve the issue. Accepting the mistake as your own can sometimes build higher trust and respect from your customer base. This gives you the chance to show your loyalty to those who do business with you and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

Follow Up with Your Customers

Following up after you have received the sale shows that you are not just after the sale. If you want to make your customer feel appreciated, make sure to thank them for their business and provide them with details on how to contact you for any questions in the future. It is important that you set up a system; whether it be through phone, email or mail to ensure that all customers are contacted and followed up with.

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