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Customer Service Questions?

Customer ServiceGreat customer service not only leads to referrals and increased business, but it also creates an excellent reputation. Solving customer service problems, however, can be challenging. Do you want to learn more about customer service or maybe you already have some of your own questions about customer service problems? We want to help your business.

Ask yourself the following questions about your customer service experiences and your own business:

Have you had a poor customer service experience in the past 2 weeks?

Do you think there is a customer service problem in Calgary?

On a scale of 1-10, what do you think the average customer service level is in Calgary?

Do you think foreign or ESL workers are impacting customer service levels?

How do you think our move to the digital and online world is impacting customer service? Has it been a positive or negative effect?

What are the worst phrases to use in customer service?

Have you heard of any good customer service books?

How many books do you think have been written on customer service in the past 5 years?

Do you use or does your workplace use phrase like the following?

  • “Go the extra mile”
  • “The customer is always right”
  • “The Golden rule”
  • “Platinum rule”
  • “Above and beyond”

Do you even know what these mean?

Customer service involves many aspects and is both the frontline and lifeline of your business. Do you want to get answers to the above questions or maybe you have some of your very own questions?

Business Coach and Action Coach Kent Boehm will answer all of your questions. Contact our office today!

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