Motivate your employees to provide great customer service

Motivating Employees To Provide Great Customer Service

You have your customer service dream team now, but how do you motivate them to do the best that they can do? Although an employee may know about the best customer service practices and can run the daily tasks associated with their position getting them to go above and beyond to really wow a customer can take some motivation.

Did you know that 55% of customers will pay more to go with a company that will provide a better customer experience? It is still the number one factor in building trust with the company and the reason why you should invest in your customer service team.

We all know that monetary motivators such as cash bonuses are a great incentive for a team to perform better; but how do you go beyond these types of incentives to really keep a motivated team doing the best job that they can do?

Motivate your employees to provide great customer service

How to Motivate Your Employees


It may seem simple, but it’s definitely not overrated.  According to the Baudville Blog, 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. People simply want someone to notice what they are doing and recognize that effort, after all, they deserve it!

Small gestures to show your appreciation are what will keep your team to continue providing those great results. Celebrating personal milestones for each employee is also a great way to let them know what they are individually remembered and appreciated within the company.

Get on the front lines yourself!

You can’t expect employees to do anything you wouldn’t do. Getting to know exactly what your team does on a daily basis not only helps you to be better informed and appreciate what they do, it can build relationships with your employees. If they know you are willing to step in when needed and work with them on their level both respect and trust is earned. Increased respect for management and the company overall makes employees want to create success for the company as well.


Positivity doesn’t need much explaining! When you smile, others are likely to follow suit and radiate a positive atmosphere around themselves as well. This is passed on to customers who come in contact with your customer service team. The motion needs to start from the top so that the team can lead by example. As you begin the day with a positive and uplifting attitude it definitely does spread across all levels.

Speak to your team as Individuals

Taking a small amount of time to speak with and get to know each team member individually will make them feel not only appreciated but motivated to do their best. Ask them what they like and what they do not like and for their input on certain decisions. We want our customers to feel valued but it is also important that employees feel the same way by knowing that their opinion is important.

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