Customer Service on Twitter

Customer Service on Twitter

Did you know that you can use Twitter to connect with your customers and provide customer service? With over 99% of brands on Twitter having a reason to stand out is key. A customer service strategy that uses Twitter as a customer service portal is a great way of connecting with your customers and catching inquiries on the spot.

Some brands even have a customer support system already in place on Twitter. Companies such as Nike have a support handle which is a separate account, just for customer inquiries. Any tweet to this account is handled by the customer support team and responses are seen quickly. Not only does this make things easier for Nike, but the account also has over 465K tweets.

Customer Service on Twitter

If you are looking to provide customer service on Twitter, being responsive and alert with your customers’ conversations and questions is essential. What you can do is monitor all common hash-tags and handles associated with your brand. Not everyone may know your Twitter handle and they may tweet about your company without expecting a response. However, your response is a pleasant reminder that you are listening to their concerns and actively available to help and provide insight.

Promoting positivity is an excellent way to show engagement with your account. If someone tweets about your business, make sure you like it and re-tweet and thank them in a quote. Also, light conversations that allow you to help a customer through a Twitter chat, are great to keep public. Showing that you are available to help, even if the customer is upset, keeps people engaged and gains trust that you are responsive.

If someone has in-depth questions or a problem they need to be resolved, it is best to start a private conversation. Direct messages don’t have a character limit and allow you to work through the inquiry with the customer, especially if you need to obtain private information. It also makes the process easier if you will be chatting back and forth multiple times.

Twitter is a great way to increase brand loyalty and connect with your customers who prefer digital methods. Not only does it allow you to respond in a short period of time, but it is also an open-ended channel that allows people to provide feedback and build relationships. The best part is to get started all you need is a Twitter account!

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