Happy employees higher profit

Happy Employees Leads to Higher Profits

Happy employees higher profit

Are your employees just as happy as your customers? When we think of profits we usually associate them with our customers and while they are the mainstream of revenue employees are a major factor when it comes to increasing profits. Focus and invest time into ensuring your customer service team are truly happy with their job and their workplace. Fostering an environment that allows the customer service team to enjoy what they do and excel will translate into a stronger and happier team who want to fulfil customer needs. The quality of life that is provided to employees is one of the greatest factors in how they decide to interact with customers.

Does your company have the best work environment possible for your employees? Creating a collaborative environment that allows for strong communication across all departments creates “togetherness”. If departments interact and collaborate over breaks, meetings etc. it creates a mutual sense of belonging amongst employees and truly does make everyone happier and employees will want to “do better for the company”. Customer service should feel as if they are part of the big picture and have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers who work on various levels. Not only does it create a sense of belonging it strengthens communication and can spark creativity during customer interaction.

Build your customer service team by giving them the tools to take charge when helping customers. If they have a creative solution that aligns with the company motives of course, then let them dive in and give it a try.  Handing over the ability to solve problems on their own and to make decisions based on what they feel is the best solution creates empowerment and confidence. Not only does it create empowerment, it fosters individuality within the department.  Instead of having a script that everyone follows word for word, let each team member’s personalities shine through with their own words.  After all, no one wants to be a robot and any individual who can embrace their individuality at work is going to be happier. Customers are likely to follow suit with their mood if they are surrounded by positivity. This leads to better reviews and positive talk about your brand and company as a whole.

Just like any negative energy, positivity is the same in that it spreads easily. If you are happy yourself, acknowledging your team, giving them credibility and empowerment it won’t be hard to see great results. Customers will want to visit you again and again. Happy employees lead to higher profits.

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