Above and Beyond Customer Experience

Creating Above and Beyond Customer Experiences

Customer Service is a sector that should be a priority for improvement and investment. Adequate is not enough anymore and to create a memorable experience a business needs to go “above and beyond” in their method of service. The 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report states that 60% of customers have higher expectations for customer service than the year before. Exceeding expectations for your customers can start by practicing the following:

Have a Conversation

A conversational approach creates a much more memorable experience than a transactional approach.  Starting a conversation can build a relationship and make waiting times go by faster. Reaching out to your customers and ask them about their day, recent family adventures or even their pets. Learning as much about a person can help you help them in the future.

Watch Your Competition

Keeping tabs on your competition, their strategies and their processes is a great way to provide a custom service experience on your side. What can you do to make their visit different from other businesses? By going above and beyond with your service it can show just how “average” the competition is.

Above and Beyond Customer Experience

Be Honest and Transparent

Keep them informed and tell the truth. There is nothing worse than when a business will not admit mistakes and turns blame on a customer.  In fact companies who are upfront with their wrongs and not afraid to approach negative situations head on tend to actually create more trust with their customers.  When it comes to consumer feedback 71.5%of positive customer service experiences shared on social media were started with a negative experience.

Be Consistent in Your Support

Today’s customers come with a new expectation. Fast service that is available across all channels.  When a customer reaches out for help it is important that they receive consistent information and service from whichever method they choose. This means that those agents who are servicing the social media platforms must provide the same consistency that customers receive on the phone, through email and in person.

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