Closing the Conversation

Are You Closing The Conversation?

Closing the Conversation

The common goal has always been to close the sale, but what about the interaction with your customer? When it comes to the daily interactions you have with your customers –  Are you closing the conversation? The engine that drives your business is your customers and that is why it is an important skill that customer service team members should have.  This does not just mean that you stop and move along once the customer is “ok with everything,” but that you have gone above and beyond to do what you can for them.

Being proactive is key

With only 4% of dissatisfied customers speaking up and voicing their opinion, it is especially important that you have the best communication possible. Touching all possible points in the interaction opens up the doors for future questions or concerns that they may have. Also when you work with a customer to close the conversation it not only shows that you care, but that you are willing to ensure that their needs are met to the best of your ability.

Dissatisfied Customers

How to determine if you have “closed the conversation”

Have you answered all possible questions?

Think about past customer experiences and anticipate situations that they may encounter. “If you encounter…” or “Did you know you can also..” are types of conversations that you can initiate to ensure that the customer is well answered.

Does the customer have clarity?

Whether you are selling a product or service make sure that they are clear on what they are receiving, if need to do anything and how they should do it.

Do they know where they can turn for help?

Even if your customer has not asked yet ensure that they know you are there for them and where they can turn for help in case they have any questions in the future.

Speak with team members so that they learn to be intuitive when they converse with customers. Hint – it’s even as simple as starting by asking their name. Did you know that only 21% of employees actually ask for the customer’s name? A personalized approach combined with clear answers and follow up are great for closing a conversation properly and building future transactions with your clientele.