Selling A Brand By Using The Right Branding Statement

StorytellingBrands have evolved to become both the identity of the product that you wish to sell and the essence of what your customers want to buy. A brand is not simply a product offering; in fact, it signifies quality, service, and reliability. A solid brand has a story to tell of its own, one that makes its captive audience loyal to it forever. What all great brands have in common is an amazing story and a unifying statement that tells customers everything they need to know about it. When a customer hears that statement, they will know exactly what the brand will do for them.

By using that one sentence, the phrase which conveys the value that the brand will bring to consumer lives, a company can make a major impact on the minds of their target market. You need one statement which says it all. Think of how Steve Jobs shared the value of his iPod at the time of launch with an impressive brand statement that an iPod is “a hundred songs in your pocket.” This is how he was able to tell his customers within a single sentence what his new launch was all about; the consumer got a clear idea of what they will get when they buy an Apple iPod, and the statement aroused their curiosity for the latest attraction Apple was offering.

By telling your customer about the service that your new brand will bring to their lives, you will prepare them to expect nothing but the very best from your brand. Your brand statement serves as a heading or a headline for your business; it will attract the attention of everybody that reads it, arouse their curiosity, and ultimately compel them to try out your brand to assess its value. And isn’t branding all about attracting the attention of your customers? A good sentence does it all!

Your statement needs to have certain traits in order to be effective. These are:

  • An emotional impact while sharing the valuable service your brand will bring to the consumer.
  • Consist of a short sentence designed to produce packs maximum impact. Be brief to ensure clarity.
  • Highlight the unique service you aim to provide to the target market.

If your brand has a convincing story to tell within a statement, you can be sure that it’ll pique the interest of potential customers. If you know how to execute your brand successfully, you will become the most important brand in the market to these people. Lifelong loyalty begins with a single sentence, which is why you want to do the very best that you can when deciding what that sentence will be!

Kent Boehm
Business & Leadership Coach
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