Business Valuations

What is Your Business Worth?

4 Reasons to know the Value of Your Business

  1. Sell your business for Top Dollar.
  2. Increase your borrowing capacity and improve your relationship with your bank.
  3. Persuade partners to invest in your growth strategies.
  4. Asset analysis.

Now is the time, whether you are selling, planning to sell or simply contemplating potential next steps. Compare your business to over 27 million businesses in our database, comprised of over 700 different industries.

Find out how you stack up to the leaders in your industry, the competitors across the street or from across the globe.

In Your customized 22 page report:

4 projected valuations:

  1. Asset value
  2. Equity value
  3. Enterprise Value
  4. Liquidation Value

Financial performance snapshot with key performance metrics Comparative analysis of income, cash-flow and assets.

9 Performance Indicators for Growth:

  1. Operational ratios
  2. Interest Coverage
  3. Inventory turnover
  4. Fixed assets turnover
  5. Receivables conversion period
  6. Return on equity
  7. Debt / equity / & cash / debt ratio
  8. Pretax / income Revenue
  9. Cash-flow / Revenue

Upon completion of the report take the time to sit with our panel of professionals. You will receive an in-depth cash-flow and capital requirements analysis with our partners at Torin Capital. Our on-staff chartered accountant will provide you a complete financial analysis. Lastly, discuss the 9 Performance Indicators and complete a Strategy Review with Canada’s #1 Business Coach with ActionCOACH.