Our Clients & Testimonials

Our Clients and Testimonials

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Client Testimonials:

Diane Roddy – Roddy Resources Inc.

I felt a business coach was essential during start-up, when everything was new and I was feeling “out on a limb.” I needed Action COACH Kent for encouragement, building confidence, getting through the start-up questions, and setting goals and strategies. There are many resources out there, but I found that a personal coach like Kent, who focused on tracking progress in my specific business, was the most helpful.

Diane Roddy
Roddy Resources Inc.

Roger Hamel – CDI International

I found the service of Action COACH Kent to be very enlightening. He gave me the opportunity to detach myself from the day to day operations of my company and spend time planning and analyzing formats and procedures. He also gave me the opportunity to safely air my concerns and insecurities about my business.

Roger Hamel
CDI International

Ron Fry – President Central Air Equipment

Until I met Kent and Action COACH, I was working 60 to 75 hours a week, burned out and helpless to get out of the rut. Now six months later, I work approximately 45 hours a week with the help of my new staff. I delegate better, hire better, with more time for myself and my family. I have learned how to spend my time working on my business instead of in my business. Plus, I have increased my sales in the first half of 2008 by 24%. Action COACH was money well spent!

Ron Fry
Central Air Equipment

Dave Gross – Manager – Sales Department – New Way Irrigation

The coaching experience for our company has been a great and beneficial experience overall. Our company has experienced positive changes in the following ways;
We have learned to ask questions differently to better understand situations

  • Kent is really good at asking us the tough questions, makes us look at what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Through Kent, we are better able to diffuse potential conflict within our organization – he helps us find the root cause and realized related issues and helps with resolutions, he has also helped walk us through this process and trained us so we can better do so ourselves
    Kent has helped push everyone in the same direction and helped us understand that direction
  • We are better learning to hold our staff accountable and at the same time we are being held accountable in different ways
  • Kent has assisted us in finding our key people and find the limits to others
    Since I have been involved with coaching, I have realized the importance of my communication style and the impact it may or may not be having on my staff – I have understood my ownership of communication in the results I am seeing within my team – before I was blunt and didn’t realize the impact I was creating sometimes
  • I have an overall better understanding of myself as a person
Dave Gross
New Way Irrigation

Don Fletcher – Manager – Service Department – New Way Motorsports

The way I work has totally changed; the efficiency of both me and my team has increased. After just 3 months of working with Kent Boehm two of the initiatives I have implemented are already starting to significantly pay off. I started doing a daily team meeting and my team and I created a scoreboard which tracks our daily, weekly and monthly productivity and efficiency. These two things combined have created an environment with a sense of competition, where my staff compete to be # 1 on the board each day. It has be so effective that in month three we produced 25% more work, if that wasn’t enough we accomplished those numbers with a 60% reduction in staff.

Don Fletcher
New Way Motorsports

Theresa Gregory – 3rd Generation owner Tuxedo Source for Sports

There are 2 things that come to mind when I think of Kent and the impact he has had on our team; communication and client appreciation. Working with Kent over the past 1.5 years communication has improved, more than just improved we have some now where we had little to zero before. We have had more real meaningful staff and managers meetings in the past 12 months than we have had in the previous 12 years. We have been in business for over 50 Years and we wanted to find a way to say thank you to our clients. We initiated a Gift Card program for our top clients, we mailed out 446 gift cards ranging in value from $50 to $150. It was a very interesting program for us, so not only did we say Thank You, the program lead to an increase in sales. Forty percent of the Gift Cards have been redeemed, after just 90 days, it has brought in $39,000 in revenue, and we increased our average dollar sale on those transactions by 75%.

Theresa Gregory
Tuxedo Source for Sports

Bob Duncan – founder Duncan Group

Kent’s ability in business has been a key to the success that my boys have realized in business. I never had a business coach and I would never have spent the money – now I realize it was to my detriment and to that of the people I worked with.

When asked what he observes about the way his sons conduct business after working with Kent, Bob replied:

  • They make new, exciting and dynamic choices in business
  • They think outside the box & make choices outside the box
  • Kent guides them through logical choices
  • Business choices are more innovative with Kent as part of the team
  • Kent provides new and fresh eyes and ears to help make exciting choices
  • Advertising and promotions that create excitement are developed with Kent
Bob Duncan
Duncan Group

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