Dave Gross – Manager – Sales Department – New Way Irrigation

The coaching experience for our company has been a great and beneficial experience overall. Our company has experienced positive changes in the following ways;
We have learned to ask questions differently to better understand situations

  • Kent is really good at asking us the tough questions, makes us look at what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Through Kent, we are better able to diffuse potential conflict within our organization – he helps us find the root cause and realized related issues and helps with resolutions, he has also helped walk us through this process and trained us so we can better do so ourselves
    Kent has helped push everyone in the same direction and helped us understand that direction
  • We are better learning to hold our staff accountable and at the same time we are being held accountable in different ways
  • Kent has assisted us in finding our key people and find the limits to others
    Since I have been involved with coaching, I have realized the importance of my communication style and the impact it may or may not be having on my staff – I have understood my ownership of communication in the results I am seeing within my team – before I was blunt and didn’t realize the impact I was creating sometimes
  • I have an overall better understanding of myself as a person